Eminem Says He is Honored to be Inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction of Eminem was received with humility. The prestigious club was founded more than three decades ago, and the names on the wall are stunning. Among those who have been inducted are Bruce Springsteen, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, U2, and Aretha Franklin.

The Acceptance

However, Slim Shady’s chance to accept his nomination and have his name engraved alongside some of the aforementioned legends came over the weekend. No one understood the absurdity of a rapper being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame better than Marshall Mathers.

Still a Father First

While he admitted that his drug usage nearly killed him, he didn’t exactly advise others not to do the same. In the audience, Eminem spoke to his 26-year-old daughter Hailie, advising her not to act in the same way as her father.

While it may come off as unexpected, Eminem has definitely proven he has the talent and skill to be part of the elite group. No doubt his name will be remembered for all generations to come later on.



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