Elon Musk Tweets Epic Message in Response to Twitter Suing Him

Musk canceled his multibillion dollar acquisition of Twitter, claiming the dominant social media company had misled him. Amazingly, it appears like Twitter is still trying to make the deal happen despite the fact that Musk is no longer prepared to acquire. And in lieu of that, Twitter had claimed they would sue the billionaire, he then literally had some words to say.

His Way

The soon to be trillionaire wants to back out of the $44 billion transaction and claims Twitter broke the terms of the selling agreement, which exempts him from paying a $1 billion penalty for the deal’s collapse. Musk responded by using Twitter itself, as is his custom.

More to Do

Meanwhile, Twitter finds itself in the unprecedented position of needing to convince a potential buyer to spend $44 billion on a contract to acquire them. According to reports, a stipulation in the contract between Musk and Twitter permits the social media business to file a lawsuit against him and order the Tesla CEO to acquire them, which is exactly what they’re doing right now. 

Unexpectedly, there is a legal precedence for this kind of situation, and it doesn’t seem to favor Musk.

Make sure you check out that tweet right here!



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