Elon Musk Gets Warned by Mark Ruffalo After Takeover of Twitter

Ruffalo offered his opinion on Musk and Alexandria Ocasio-Twitter Cortez’s battle last week. After she voiced her concerns about Musk’s $44 billion buyout of Twitter, Ocasio-Cortez accused him of meddling with her account. Ocasio-Cortez claims that her Twitter account stopped functioning correctly after she criticized Musk’s management style for the company.

Starting Things Off

Since acquiring Twitter, Musk hasn’t wasted any time in stirring things up. In addition to sending users into a frenzy with his intentions to start charging $8 per month for blue ticks, he’s also fired nearly half of the company’s workers.

Heating Things Up

Then, Ruffalo retweeted Ocasio-message Cortez’s while also directly addressing Musk, advising the richest man in the world to think about stepping down from the platform. Ruffalo wrote: “Elon. Please – for the love of decency – get off Twitter, hand the keys over to someone who does this as an actual job, and get on with running Tesla and SpaceX. “You are destroying your credibility. It’s just not a good look.”  Musk responded, “Hot take: Not everything AOC says is 100% correct. It’s just not a good look.

Almost a million users have canceled their Twitter accounts since Musk took over the platform. Between October 27 and November 1, according to data from the company Bot Sentinel, 877,000 accounts were terminated and another 497,000 were suspended.



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