Elon Musk Announces Plan for Twitter At Met Gala

After his $44 billion acquisition proposal was accepted by Twitter, everyone is curious to see what the tech tycoon has planned for the social media network. While attending the 2022 Met Gala in New York City, Elon Musk discussed his intentions for Twitter.

What He Wants

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“It would be to make Twitter as inclusive as possible, and to have as broad a swath of the country and the rest of the world on Twitter, and that they find it interesting, entertaining, and funny, and that it makes their life better,” Musk said on the red carpet alongside his supermodel mother Maye Musk.

A Figure of Free Speech

On the Met Gala red carpet, he appeared to have taken that mantra to heart, as he posed in awkward and hilarious positions for the photographers. He just stated that he was ‘just following the dress code’ when questioned how his clothing fit into this year’s theme of Gilded Glamour.

His ambitions, which he announced on the red carpet, are consistent with what he has already stated about the website. Musk recently sold $4.8 billion worth of Tesla shares shortly after Twitter agreed to sell the firm to him after his takeover proposal was accepted, stating that he wants to encourage “free speech.”



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