Elden Ring’s Designer Is Seeking Inspiration from Multiplayer Games Like Escape From Tarkov

Elden Ring’s multiplayer, which includes PvP, PvE, and the mysterious notes users leave for one another and which have developed into a part of their own meme culture, is one of its best features.

A Multiplayer Elden Ring?

But, playing Elden Ring may also be a fully lonely experience if you so choose. It makes sense that director Hidetaka Miyazaki has been thinking a lot about multiplayer technology and how it’s used in games other than his own, given the singular nature of all these multiplayer interactions.

“We continuously improving [the multiplayer components] in terms of both technology and the game ideas,” he said, adding that he was unsure whether this was the newest trend.

“So speaking of [Escape From] Tarkov, for example, I’m basically paying attention to those components as a creator and fan of the game, so I’m extremely interested in it as one of the fans and one of the creators.

In order to change how players are participating in the gameplay and how they are employed as a resource for the gameplay, other people in the industry continually improving the multiplayer network capabilities and the game design. I’m paying attention to these elements because of it.

In no little part because of a campaign that gave in-game stuff to anyone who watched Twitch streaming of the game, Escape From Tarkov, a 2017 tactical FPS that combines tactical simulation, FPS, and MMO aspects, became extremely popular several years after its early access release.

The game’s developers recently had to redouble their efforts against a flood of cheaters, whom Battlestate, the game’s developer, referred to as “scum of the earth” in an official post. It continues to be both fairly well-liked and in early access as of 2023.

Elden Ring is clearly a business success, he remarked. We just keep developing the game that we want to produce, and that’s our philosophy. It’s quite straightforward. Everyone knows that, but it doesn’t really effect what we are going to create next.

This surely will be worthwhile

“Working on Elden Ring was undoubtedly a positive experience for me and the other team members. Occasionally, we were all incredibly enthusiastic about what we were doing. On sometimes, we made mistakes when putting specific features into the game. In any event, it was a pretty positive experience, and our main goal is to keep developing the game, which has a really expansive virtual universe and allows players to experience the spirit of adventure.

The financial success Elden Ring has brought FromSoftware and Bandai Namco cannot be disputed, though.

We only recently found that it had sold over 20 million copies, won Game of the Year honors not only at DICE but also at the New York Game Awards and The Game Awards, and was named IGN’s top video game of 2022.

Even if the overwhelming amount of success isn’t convincing Miyazaki and FromSoftware to revisit the universe, Miyazaki has already hinted at at least some additional content.

Even though Elden Ring recently received a Major update, Miyazaki’s comment seems to imply that there may be more to come.



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