Elden Ring Surprisingly Gets A Manga Adaptation

There is a new official Elden Ring manga featuring Melina, Radahn, and Malenia, although the comic is really comedic rather than following the game’s serious and in-depth plot.

Made Available

The comic is published by FromSoftware’s parent company Kadokawa and is freely accessible in 12 languages, according to PC Gamer. In the narrative, Asea, a Tarnished, is followed as he journeys across the unfamiliar Lands Between.

More Than A Game

The manga now has two chapters, and new chapters will be released on the fourth and nineteenth days of every month as it progresses. These are written by Nikiichi Tobita, the manga creator of A Cursed Sword’s Daily Life, and they share the same plot as the FromSoftware game.

With Elden Ring coming in hot since its release, it comes to no surprise that the game had already sparked more than just expansions and DLC’s. Moving forward, of course, Elden Ring will have more plans up its sleeve, but for now, the manga is what fans and players can look forward to.



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