EA Planning To Sell Itself to Major Company

The publisher of Battlefield and FIFA has spent the last few years unsuccessfully attempting to sell itself to a number of significant corporations. Electronic Arts is preparing to sell or combine with another, larger company, according to a recent report.

Among The Rest

According various sources, EA was close to finalizing a deal with NBC Universal, but negotiations broke down over the price. Apple, Amazon, and Disney were reportedly among the corporations approached by EA, though no deals appear to be in the works at the moment.

Through the Headlines

According to other reports, EA’s desire to be acquired has been building up for some time, but that really surged after Microsoft’s surprise acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

The scenario continues by claiming that Disney was, at one point, the most likely partner. This is largely due to the fact that EA and Disney collaborated for numerous years when the former was awarded the exclusive rights to produce and publish Star Wars video games, a partnership that expire only recently.