Due to Remarks from Johnny Depp, Amber Heard Claims She Has Now Lost About $50 Million

According to pre-trial filings, Amber Heard’s legal team claimed she suffered monetary losses in the “$47-50 million” range as a result of Johnny Depp’s disparaging remarks about her, according to a report.

For the Time Being

Heard’s team claimed in the pre-trial paperwork that she experienced financial losses in the “$47-50 million” range over a “three to five-year period” as a result of Depp’s defamatory allegations against her, according to Variety, an American news source called The Daily Beast.

A Questionable Decision

In other places, the recently published court filings showed that Heard turned down “tens of millions of dollars” by declining to accept the proceeds from Depp’s fifth “Pirates of the Caribbean” film.

The publication also mentioned that Depp earned $33 million on the fourth “Pirates” movie, indicating that he either earned the same amount or even more on a fifth one. Variety said that because Heard refused to accept the money during her divorce proceedings, all relevant material was suppressed from the defamation trial.



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