Due to His Comments on Meghan Markle, Jeremy Clarkson to be Dropped from Amazon Prime

According to a recent Variety story, Jeremy Clarkson is most likely to be fired from Amazon Prime as a result of his remarks regarding Meghan Markle.

Well, I don’t know if we’ve all been there

According to sources who spoke with the publication, the streaming service won’t continue to collaborate with Clarkson over the seasons of The Grand Tour and Clarkson’s Farm that have already been ordered.

The announcement follows a blistering piece by Clarkson about Markle, in which he claimed to despise her on a “cellular level.”

He remarked, “I genuinely feel very sad for him since nowadays he’s simply a glove puppet with no more power over what he says or does than Basil Brush.” in reference to Prince Harry.

“But Meghan is another story; I despise her.

Not that I despise Rose West or Nicola Sturgeon. I detest her to my very core.

“At night, I can’t sleep as I lie there, gritting my teeth and thinking of the day when she’s forced to march nude through the streets of every town in Britain as the crowds cry, ‘Shame!

“and hurl excrement-filled chunks at her.”

The article was swiftly taken down from the newspaper’s website, and Clarkson has subsequently expressed regret.

He made a lengthy statement earlier today and posted it to Instagram “One of the strange things I’ve noticed recently is that no matter how sincere or profound an apology is offered by an MP or other well-known person in response to a request, it is never enough to appease the people who made the initial request.

“I’m going to try to break the mold this morning by retracting what I recently stated about Meghan Markle in a Sun piece. I apologize sincerely.

It’s a mea culpa with bells on, from the balls of my feet to the follicles on the top of my head, but this is me putting my hands up.

As any writer should, he said, he usually reads everything he writes before sending it, but on that particular day, he was pressed for time and simply clicked the “send” button.

The gradual rumbling at first was disregarded, but as it grew louder, he added, “I picked up a copy of The Sun to see what all the excitement was about.”

“I suppose we’ve all experienced that exact moment when we realize we’ve made a huge mistake: you’re chilly and sweating at the same time, your head is pounding, and you feel terrible.

“The information I was reading was unbelievable. Honestly, did I say that? It was awful.

“I’d been thinking of a moment in Game of Thrones, but I’d failed to explain this, so it seemed like I was truly screaming for horrible violence to rain down on Meghan’s head, but I recognized what had occurred right immediately.

“When I was accused of all kinds of things during those contentious Top Gear days, it was very seldom sexism, which made me extremely upset with myself.

“We never made jokes like “women can’t park” or “powerful vehicles are solely for guys,” for instance, and I was happy when Jodie Kidd and Ellen MacArthur set fastest-ever laps in our affordably priced automobile.

“I just don’t believe in sexism, and I detest violence towards women. And yet it appeared like I was pushing for precisely that.

My phone went crazy. Very close friends were upset. Even my own daughter took to Instagram to accuse me. I was embarrassed, and everyone else was too.

Clarkson proceeded by describing the ongoing criticism and demands for his dismissal.

Then, on Christmas morning, he sent an email to Harry and Meghan in California to apologize to them as well. “I wrote to everyone who works with me stating how sorry I was,” he said.

“I explained that while I was perplexed by what they had been saying on television, I was also very sorry for the language I had used in my column.

I have written very nearly 5,000 newspaper and magazine articles over the past thirty years, so it was inevitable that one day, I’d pull a Harry Kane and sky one of the dang things, which is what happened with the Meghan essay.



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