Due to Growing Energy Costs, Pubs All Throughout the UK Have Begun Using Candles

You may have heard that the cost of energy is rising, which will make the coming months difficult for many of us.

Maybe candles attract customers?

Additionally, several bars in the UK are completely shutting out their lights in an effort to keep the lights on.

To reduce costs and draw in more customers, The Masons Arms in Camelford, Cornwall, now only uses candlelight on Mondays.

Kate Chawner-Woods, a landlord, has reached her breaking point due to soaring energy costs; her August statement went from an average of £700 in 2018 to more than £3,000 this year.

She stated, “When I opened the electricity bill, I wondered, ‘How are we going to manage?’”

“Since there has been a significant increase and our electricity bill is now just less than our rent, it was really frightening and we were extremely concerned about how this winter would turn out.

“One of the locals turned around as I was groaning and swearing after paying the bill and advised me to simply turn the lights out and return to the way things used to be.

“We turn off all the lights at 6 o’clock because people really appreciate it. Last Monday, we had 65 covers, which is far more than we typically have on a Monday in October.

“Everyone seems to like the environment; it’s romantic and people tend to chat to each other more, it’s really wonderful,”

There, perhaps we don’t require power after all? Perhaps we ought to start cooking over open flames and slumbering outside.

In all seriousness though, going to the pub during the winter could be more crucial than ever as we seek out social connection, camaraderie, and warmth, thus it’s imperative that they remain open.

Says Kate “We don’t need the heating as much because of the warmth provided by the candles.

“Last month, it was warm in here, so if demand persists, we’d like to do it on another weekday as well.

“We must do this because going to the pub plays a significant role in the lives of some of our neighbourhood residents.

“Not just businesses are struggling right now; everyone is having a hard time”

Because it might be less expensive than heating their own houses, we want people to be able to visit the pub and relax for a while.

South West London’s The Angel and Crown reported that it is currently dealing with its largest financial difficulty in its 400-year history.

The pub has made the decision to utilize candles in the evenings, dim the lights during the day, and avoid using the heating by keeping the fireplace lit.

Owner and manager Hannah Lawson stated: “Unfortunately, we’ve had to raise all of our pricing as a result of a 25% increase in our costs.

Customers have observed that we haven’t been allowed to turn on the lights, but in some ways, the candles have created a pleasant environment.

Hannah has had to raise pricing and decrease operating hours, and she worries that this upward trend won’t continue.

She uttered: “We’re going to have to keep raising our rates until they become prohibitive at some time.

“Some of our regular customers have already stopped coming because they are unable to continue making the payments.

I sincerely hope that pubs continue to exist because, for some individuals, they are the only place they can have a discussion that day. Going out to a pub is about so much more than just getting a drink.

Pubs are a good place to reconnect with friends whether old or new, it’s a great instrument for socialization amongst other things.



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