Dubbed As a “Beacon of Hope”, This Baby Was Born During a Russian Invasion in Kyiv

A young woman went into labor and gave birth in an underground shelter while bombs and missiles crashed down on Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital. In the war-torn country, the image of the baby child is now being welcomed as a “beacon of hope.” Hoping to symbolize that the end of invasion around the country and for people to come to their senses.

Better Days

Subways have been used as makeshift bomb shelters by residents as Russia continues to invade Ukraine. One of the residents, a 23-year-old soon-to-be mother, started having labor pains right away and gave birth in the midst of battle between the two countries.

A New Hope


As people waited on chairs at the station, the newborn was wrapped in a blanket and nestled at her mother’s chest, an image went viral throughout social media platforms. Hoping that this could provide a new perspective to everyone, people have dubbed the baby as a beacon of hope and inspire others to end the invasions.

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