Drought in Texas Uncovers Dinosaur Tracks

An official stated on Tuesday that a drought in Texas, USA, dried away a river that ran through Dinosaur Valley State Park, exposing footprints from enormous creatures that lived 113 million years ago.

Recent Discoveries

In recent months, several dinosaur tracks from the Acrocanthosaurus dinosaur have been found at Dinosaur Valley State Park in northwest Texas as a result of extensive droughts that have nearly completely dried up a river running through central Texas.

Big News

In the nearly completely dried-up Paluxy River, dinosaur prints from the Acrocanthosaurus species were discovered. The state park acknowledged the existence of the 15-foot-tall, seven-ton beast in an email to NBC News more than 113 million years ago.

According to the park’s website, visitors can occasionally observe other dinosaur tracks at the state park depending on weather conditions. Acrocanthosaurus tracks had not been spotted since 2000 because they were covered by layers of water and debris.



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