Dream Answers to Criticism After His Face is Revealed

Dream, one of the most well-known Minecraft content producers, recently unveiled his face to his 30 million admirers after three years of remaining anonymous.

Face Reveal and Reaction

He has now addressed the unfavourable remarks made about his appearance, adding that he regrettably anticipated the criticism.

Previously, users only heard Dream’s voice and saw Dream as his Minecraft avatar, a monochromatic happy face on neon green skin. If you don’t know Dream, you’re sure to have been somewhat aware of the seismic shock that came out of his “face reveal.”

Even though he didn’t mean for it, anonymity played a significant role in Dream’s online identity, therefore the face reveal was significant for both him and his admirers.

Despite the fact that his video had approximately 22 million views and 2.5 million likes in less than a day, the news had a darker side when people began making fun of his appearance.

“So many of my friends texted me asking, ‘Are you OK?’ Dream stated this in a Bloomberg interview. “Well, absolutely, when you have 30 million eyes on you, a million, two million people are going to be making jokes or being mean or are not terrific people, I was like. There will always be a chunk when you take that large a pool.

As he claims, there are more positive comments than bad ones. Dream even sobbed in tears at TwitchCon last week after being so moved by the fans’ overwhelming support.

He remarked, “I’d never experienced this emotion before – happiness mixed with an overwhelming sense of “Wow, this is real, this is my life.”

We got your back, Dream!



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