Dream, a YouTuber, Finally Introduces Himself to 1.3 million Live Viewers.

Dream, a mysterious Minecraft YouTuber, has finally removed his mask and revealed his genuine identity. He’s not Daily Planet reporter Clark Kent or rich playboy Bruce Wayne, which is somewhat depressing.

Hi, I’m Dream

Dream made the decision to conceal his face during streams despite having a legitimately enormous internet following. This gave his online persona an aura of mystery. He conceals his true face with a relatively straightforward (but unquestionably iconic) smiley face mask.

In front of around 1.3 million spectators on October 2, Dream finally removed the mask.

“I’m sure many of you are questioning why right now.

“I told the crowd of people watching from all across the world. His friend and fellow Minecraft YouTuber GeorgeNotFound were travelling out to “meet for the first time,” he said, so it really came down to convenience.

See full reveal here:

Dream made the decision to get out there and start doing things in public, including “meet creators” and “be a human,” rather than having to spend the time locked away in solitude.

Although he doesn’t intend to reveal his face in his ongoing Minecraft videos, the YouTuber stated that this implies we may anticipate more “IRL” stuff in the future.

Dream has been claiming for more than a year that he always intended to show his face at some point, emphasizing that he would only do so when he could “fully benefit” from the circumstance. It’s safe to say he teased the big reveal by revealing his face to a number of well-known creators one at a time prior to the October 2 webcast.


Dream has long teased followers by sharing “accidental” teases of his face and head on social media before quickly deleting them since he knew his admirers would spread the rumors like wildfire nevertheless.



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