“Drake and Josh Salary Was Not Enough to Set You Up for Life” Says Josh Peck

Josh Peck has admitted that the money he had earned from “Drake & Josh” was inadequate to “set him up for life.”  The 35-year-old rose to fame as a child actor in the Nickelodeon popular series as Josh Nichols, in which he starred for four seasons.

Find a Way

While the show may have helped him gain fame, Peck has spoken up about the money he got from it in an attempt to clear up any misconceptions regarding “golden parachutes.”

Rising to the Top

He went on to say how much money he made from the job, and while it was obviously a lot, it wasn’t enough to support him as a teenager. The actor had to tackle a lot of new things and find new roles in order for him to be able to be financially stable.

While most of us would keep dreaming to be a star or even a child actor, there may still be a lot of cons to doing so. There are a lot of things to consider and one has to always make sure that they would be smart with their money moving forward.