Dr Disrespect Announces Something Huge with Huge Break in Character

In order to promote his new beverage company, Black Steel Bourbon, Dr Disrespect briefly removed his YouTube streaming mask. The viral streaming phenomenon has entered the alcoholic beverage market with a bottle of Marianne Eaves’ award-winning Black Steel Bourbon, which is produced in small quantities.

Building It Up

Naturally, the Two-Time has a cherry flavor for Game Fuel that is officially licensed, so this is not the only beverage he has been linked to. After promoting the product debut on stream for weeks, Doc revealed the information on November 17.

Quite the Surprise

Dr Disrespect, the self-proclaimed top video gamer in the world with the most awards in the streaming industry, makes the claim in the commercial that the bourbon “tastes like winning” and takes down his regular attire, including the bulletproof mullet and full red armor.

Make sure you check out the video of it right here!



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