Dog Saves Owner’s Life by Escaping Wreckage and Leading Police to Him

A German Shepherd has been hailed as a hero for its brave efforts to save its owner. By calling the attention of the police, she leads them back to the wreckage where her owner was still struggling to get out.

Follow Me!

After reports of a loose dog on the highway, the police took their attention to Tinsley. What they thought to be reports of the loose dog has changed into a Follow Me! scenario. Tinsley urged the police to follow her back to the wreckage where they could save her owner’s life.

In The Nick of Time

Tinsley didn’t want to give up on her owner and kept at it as the crash of the owner’s car might not have been noticed immediately. The police were wondering what Tinsley meant as she was really grabbing their attention. Soon enough, the police followed her to a ditch where the owner’s car was found and later on rescued along with the another occupant of another crashed car.

Tinsley will always be remembered for her bravery and you should check out more of what happened here in this video.






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