Disney+ Brings Out New Series and Drops Trailer

A fresh trailer for Zootopia+ from Walt Disney Animation Studios has been made available on Disney+. Zootopia+ returns to the bustling mammal city in a short-form series that delves deeper into the lives of some of the most fascinating characters from the Oscar winning feature picture.

When to Come

The Oscar-winning 2016 animated action-comedy from Byron Howard and Rich Moore will have its own spin-off series that will be available to stream later this week. Six new storylines will take place in the mammal metropolis and delve deeply into the characters from the film.

More Coming In

The titles and plot summaries for the future Zootopia+ episodes have also been released along with the trailer. And with that, more opportunities for the platform to do a whole lot with the time to come and get more on board.

Make sure you check out that trailer right here!



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