Director of Latest Silent Hill Movie Says Script Has Just Been Finalized

Silent Hill is currently giving us everything while also giving us nothing. The conversations have been nonstop. Last month, screenshots from what many suspected to be a Silent Hill revival leaked on the internet, causing the internet to go crazy.

Getting Busy

During the Covid-19 lockdown, director Christophe Gans revealed that he created a script for a third Silent Hill film. Gans directed Silent Hill in 2006 and Silent Hill: Revelation in 2012, but he says his third film idea is unrelated.

Something Worth Remembering

Speaking in an interview, Gans has mentioned that Silent Hill is part of a huge franchise and he wants to make sure he does justice to the games and the storyline behind them all. While in lockdown, he’s been really working at it and been getting to where he needs to be in order to make this film one to remember and one that’s memorable in the film’s genre.

That’s all there is to it. Another Silent Hill film could be released as early as next year. It’s safe to say that Gans is well-versed with the series, and it will be fascinating to watch where he takes it next. It doesn’t appear that we’ll have to wait long.



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