Director Gets David Harbour to be Badass Santa Claus

In the movie Violent Night from director Tommy Wirkola, David Harbour plays the real-life Santa Claus who gets caught up in a dangerous hostage-taking and robbery scheme while making his rounds on Christmas Eve and is prepared to carry out severe, fatal justice to anyone on his bad list.

Something Unique

Santa has been portrayed in films innumerable times, but never in this way. Harbour’s St. Nick is acting more like John McClane in this scene, fending off armed thugs with decorations, tree toppers, and even a little bit of traditional Kris Kringle magic.

Following Suit

Violent Night isn’t just that, as Wirkola readily acknowledges. There are even scenes in the film meant to evoke the groundbreaking 1988 action film Die Hard as he had planned and made sure of while directing it.

Ma sure you check out the trailer right here!



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