Demi Lovato Announces That Her Next Tour Will Be Her Last

After admitting she’s been finding it difficult to get out of bed, singer Demi Lovato said that her “next tour” would be her last. She later deleted the Instagram post.

The Big News

The eighth studio album by Lovato, Holy Fvck, was released last month. Live dates for the tour began on August 30 in So Paulo, Brazil. However, the celebrity announced on September 13 that she “can’t do this anymore” and that her upcoming tour will be her last.

One of Many Causes

Whether she meant her present Holy Fvck campaign or a subsequent tour, she did not clarify when she said “next tour.” In a recent interview, Lovato said that while she was battling an eating issue, her staff had “barricaded” her in a room to prevent her from eating.

The former Disney star has previously published pictures of herself while she healed, referring to food as “the biggest challenge” in her life. She has long been candid about having had an eating disorder.



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