Dead Space 2 or 3 Remakes Appear to be Something that EA is Asking People About

EA appears to be polling a small number of fans on whether they would like to see a Dead Space 2 or 3 remake after the release of the Dead Space remake and its favorable reviews.

Dead Space is what again?

Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey are the authors of the science fiction/horror media series Dead Space. Visceral Games is the franchise’s developer, while Electronic Arts is the property’s publisher and owner.

The Dead Space franchise’s chronology is not presented in a linear fashion; rather, each game is a continuation or addition to an ongoing narrative, with certain parts appearing in prequels or sequels and occasionally in other media from the original video game series, which also includes two movies, a number of comic books, and novels.

The Dead Space franchise is focused on a line of video games starting with the release of the first Dead Space, which follows an engineer named Isaac Clarke and the mutated undead horrors that surround him.

The games are primarily set in a science fiction universe from the 26th century with settings, weapons, and characters typical of the genre.

Well that’s some marketing

According to Eurogamer, the poll simply asks, “How interested would you be in a similar remake of Dead Space 2 (2011)?” and “How interested would you be in a similar remake of Dead Space 3 (2013)?” It was published on Twitter by Dillon Rogers, a developer on Gloomwood.

The comments, which range from “not at all interested” to “very enthusiastic,” are fairly ordinary, but they demonstrate that EA is at least considering the notion. Nobody should be surprised, but it’s always encouraging to hear these inquiries.

As soon as Rogers’ tweet appeared on ResetERA, followers started adding their own comments. There is widespread support for a Dead Space 2 remake, although there is some hesitation about a Dead Space 3 remake.

ResetERA user Jersey Tom stated, “[Dead Space] 3 needs to be completely reinvented to remove the crafting systems and perhaps recreate some story beats to not have as much of that game’s story content locked behind co-op and whose character you’re playing as.

“EA’s interference with microtransactions and the false assumption that Dead Space fans wanted a co-op experience similar to RE5 destroyed so much of that game.

I agree with others that a Dead Space 2 remake is a surefire moneymaker, but a complete remake would be quite the job to make that game stand out.

In 2011, we rated Dead Space 2 as a 9/10, and in 2013, we gave Dead Space 3 a 7.8/10. Dead Space 3 was a “ferociously fantastic time, in spite of itself,” we said, while Dead Space 2’s release meant “survival horror has a new gold standard.”

We praised the Dead Space remake in our review, calling it “a great remake and without a doubt the only way to play one of the best survival horror shooters Capcom never produced.”

Nevertheless, given that Iron Man game creator EA Motive recently said it was working on the Dead Space remake, it might be some time before we see any of these remakes.

Well check out Dead Space’s launch trailer here:

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