Cyber War Has Been Declared By Hacker Group “Anonymous” Against Vladimir Putin and Government

Even with a lot going on right now with Vladimir Putin and Russia, some people still wanted to make a huge impact on current events. Amidst the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the famous hacker group: Anonymous took it to social media for a huge announcement!

Backed Up

Putin, The President, Camera, Russia

The famous hacker group has amassed a huge following on Twitter, and that is the exact platform they used to convey their message to Vladimir Putin and his government. After making their announcement on Twitter, they also shared that they had taken down a Russian-backed TV channel to prove they weren’t just kidding around.

For a Better Future

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Acting like hounds of justice, Anonymous has aimed to achieve a better future for all humanity. Going through extreme measures every now and again, they have been know to cause more than just the simple stirrup, and can show anyone and everyone what they’re really capable of.

Check out their announcement right here and even more from their announcements!