Couples Who Prefer Pets Over Children are “Selfish” Claims Pope Francis

The Pope has expressed his thoughts on couples who prefer pets rather than having children. In recent news and controversy, the Pope has then explained and went in depth about what he thought about these couples. He had more to say and has only brought about more news!

News for the New Year

The Pope has recently brought up his thoughts regarding yet another controversial topic. He has explained that couples who preferred pets over children are leaning towards being selfish. He also stated that choosing a furry friend over our young is “a denial of fatherhood and motherhood and diminishes us.”

To The Point

It has been recorded that in 1970 to 2012, about 7 out of 10 households have a pet, and that a huge percent of married couples have gone down. This has only supported the thoughts of Pope Francis. Regarding the matter, he also had this to say:

Today … we see a form of selfishness. We see that some people do not want to have a child. Sometimes they have one, and that’s it, but they have dogs and cats that take the place of children. This may make people laugh but it is a reality.

There are a lot of people who would prefer a pet over a child and vice versa. While the words and guides of the Pope are indeed powerful, there are lots of families out there who can also do with both a child and a pet. We will just have to see how this would then work out later on as it is still fresh news and can certainly spark much more.






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