Competitors of Pokémon have Prohibited Two Generation 9 ‘Mons, Including Palafin

The hero form of Palafin is simply too strong. It is unfair. And Iron Bundle is also another zero to hero.

New Broken Pokemon

Following the release of Scarlet & Violet, two Pokemon were swiftly banned from competitive play; two more have since been added to the list. Within a week of the games’ release, Houndstone and Flutter Mane were both banned; as of right now, Palafin and Iron Bundle have joined them.

According to Polygon, the council of Smogon University has decided that the use of Palafin and Iron Bundle in competitive play detracts from the fun and fairness of the university’s tournaments. Smogon is a community of trainers who compete against one another, most of whom use its OverUsed category, even though it is not legally connected to Pokemon.

Along with Houndstone and Flutter Mane, this category includes Palafin and Iron Bundle that have been outlawed.

These choices are determined by the nine trainers who make up Smogon’s council; a ban must receive seven of their votes in order to be put into effect.

In terms of the justification for the most recent two bans, Iron Bundle’s attack is so potent that it is very challenging to fight against, while Palafin has been found to be too powerful.

The dolphin-like Pokemon Palafin has been banned due to its Zero to Hero ability. Its base stats while in hero form total 650, which is more than some legendaries and about on par with other cards that have previously been banned from competitive play.

Only Iron Bundle, out of the four banned Pokemon, did not receive a unanimous council approval; other Pokemon were taken into consideration but are still currently allowed to be used.

The competitive gaming scene in Pokemon games is immensely rich. If you’re the type of person who blasts through the most recent games, finishing the Pokedex, and then has nothing to do until the next one, there’s a lot to learn and many different paths to take.

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