Christian Bale Open to Returning as Batman If Christopher Nolan Would be Directing

Christian Bale has spoken candidly about the possibility of considering a comeback as Batman. Robert Pattinson, who plays Tenet, has lately taken over the role, but Bale has discussed the circumstances in which he would consider returning.

More than a Role

If he were to ever reprise the character of Batman, Bale said he has “a pact with Chris Nolan“—who co-wrote and directed the Dark Knight trilogy. We’re hoping the filmmaker would tell us more about this.

Not Just Yet

Fans of Bale shouldn’t, however, get too excited just yet. The actor said that there hasn’t truly been a dialogue regarding his returning to the DC universe. “No, nobody has ever brought that up to me or discussed it to me,” said Bale.

Given that Matt Reeves has replaced Nolan as director and that Robert Pattinson has lately taken over Bale’s part, it seems unlikely that Bale would make a comeback. Reeves will once again serve as Batman 2’s director, it has been reported. Additionally, Nolan is no longer directly involved in any movies involving DC.



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