Chris Rock Not Planning on Reaching Out After Will Smith’s Public Apology

In a video last week that was uploaded to YouTube and Instagram, Smith discussed his actions at the Oscars and referred to his decision to slap Rock as “unacceptable.” Despite the actor’s social media apologies, Chris Rock is reportedly not planning to contact Will Smith anytime soon in order to make things right.

Not Just Yet

Last week, Rock seemed to make mention of the video in one of his stand-up routines, but a source close to the comedian told Entertainment Tonight that Rock doesn’t now plan to explicitly address Smith.

What He Had to Say

Smith slapped Rock on the Oscars stage, but Rock has generally kept quiet about it and has only mentioned it briefly while addressing crowds as part of his Chris Rock Ego Death World Tour. Just hours after Smith posted his video, Rock addressed the crowd and said, “Everybody is trying to be a… victim.”

After the punishment given to Smith after the incident, it would seem that he is not fazed at all by that, and is persistent to reach out to Rock. Despite all that, a lot are still hoping the two could reconcile, and hopefully soon.



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