Casts Classified as “Invasive Alien Species” Says Polish Institute

Due to the harm domestic cats inflict to birds and other wildlife, a reputable Polish scientific institute has labeled them as “invasive alien species.” While this may come as a shock to some, the institute had much to say regarding the matter.

A Shocking Discovery

When Wojciech Solarz placed “Felis catus” into a national database administered by the academy’s Institute of Nature Conservation, he wasn’t anticipating the negative public reaction. Solarz is a biologist at the state-funded Polish Academy of Sciences.

The Data Checks

Given the quantity of birds and mammals that domestic cats pursue and kill, there is a growing body of scientific evidence, according to Solarz, indicating they have a negative effect on biodiversity. The cat “completely meets” the requirements for inclusion as an alien invasive species, he claimed.

The Polish Academy institute posted an article on its website earlier this month mentioning the “controversy” and attempting to explain its viewpoint. The institute made it clear that it was “opposed to any cruelty towards animals.” Additionally, it claimed that their classification followed rules established by the European Union.

Not From Here

According to the institution, “Felis catus” is a species that is alien to Europe from a purely scientific perspective because it was tamed in the ancient Middle East, where the great civilizations of antiquity originated, possibly approximately 10,000 years ago.

The institute made clear that the only thing it was advising cat owners to do was to keep their pets indoors during the time when birds are reproducing.



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