How Much Are Carey Price Jerseys Going For

A lot of clothes right now are doing more than enough when it comes to sales, the same can also be said said for jerseys. And what we have here are hockey jerseys, notably the one of Carey Price. Being famous for what he does, it’s not secret that one of these still goes for much higher.

How Much Would That Be?

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With how the market goes nowadays, you could fetch yourself a jersey for as low as $25. But if you’re in the mood for something authentic and that it’ll last long, a good price for a Carey Price jersey would be around $100 up to even $250 to $350.

Why It Works

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Hockey jerseys are expensive because people continue to buy them at high costs. Reebok, for example, can continue to increase the price and expect customers to continue buy jerseys. Despite low production costs, the few companies that create these jerseys control such a large portion of the market that they can control prices.

If ever you would be looking for one of these jerseys, you could always check online, or on any website that sells them. Adding in outlets that sell hockey jerseys, they already know how valuable one could be. Use this as a way on knowing where and how much one would be and who knows, in the future, you may have a great collectible on your hands!