Getting to Know How to Unlock an iPhone 5s

A lot of people may have iPhone 5s models and want to get them unlocked as soon as they can. For some time, that may have been difficult but even with that, there were ways of having it unlocked or jailbroken. Since then, owners of the phone can easily have it unlocked!

Some Rules

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There was only one way of fully unlocking these models, and how it could be done was very strict and really followed. It even had a full unlock policy that users could read and take note of before they have their iPhone 5s subjected to unlocking.

But It Gets Better

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Since then, owners of this model can have their phones fully unlocked for free! All they would have to do is bring their phone into a US cellular store, request for the service, and pay for it afterwards. This is also legit and avoids and unnecessary charges or services.

If you still have one of these older units at home, you could try to give it a shot and have it unlocked. It goes without saying that you could have a lot more of customization when you get it fully unlocked, and you might even enjoy using it again!