“By Any Means Necessary!” Hacker Group Anonymous Urges Russians to Get Rid of Putin

Famous Hacker group Anonymous has issued another threat against Russian President Vladimir Putin, urging Russians to “remove” him from power. The hacker group has taken to Twitter once more to express their displeasure with the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Never Forgive and Forget

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Anonymous has been protesting Putin’s actions by claiming to have hacked government and media websites during the invasion. “Nuclear weapons are weapons of evil,” the group claims and has said that they “do not forgive” and “do not forget,” when they announced more on Wednesday.

Getting More Serious

Being both famous and infamous for their marks and actions, Anonymous is more than ready to do more in order for them to help stop the ongoing invasions of Ukraine. Needless to say, they will stop at nothing that targets the quality of human life and that their actions are onl the beginning.

Be sure you check out their latest tweet and the thread right here!