Brave Police Officers Rescue Pilot Before Train Slams Into Crash Landed Plane

The boys in blue are always on the lookout when it comes to helping out the community. For one day in Los Angeles, these officers had a huge task ahead of them. Even with that huge task, they manage to save a pilot’s life right before a train crashes through the debris of the fallen plane.

Right on Time

On January 9, a plane had crashed onto a railway in Los Angeles after a failed takeoff. The pilot was almost unconscious due to the crash and was unable to get out of the plane by himself. Luckily, there were several officers ready to help the man just before the scheduled train came through.

And At the Right Place

Body camera footage has shown that the pilot had suffered cuts and bruises due to the crash and was only moments away before more disaster. With quick thinking and fast reflexes, the officers were able to drag the pilot away from more danger.

Be sure to check out the video here and watch how things escalated quickly in this failed launch attempt.







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