Big John Fury Had to Take a Four-Year Sabbatical from Boxing After a Brutal Knockout

Big John Fury is reputed to be a bit of a rough man; after all, he is the father of the current heavyweight world champion. However, some of you might not be aware that he had a successful ringside career.

That’s one big blow

However, the 58-year-old took a four-year vacation from the sport as a result of a crushing loss in 1991.

Henry Akinwande, a rising heavyweight who had not lost in 11 fights, was Fury’s opponent when they faced off in Manchester.

According to fight video, Fury is on the back foot right away after taking a hard right hand to the face from Akinwande in the opening round.

Even though Fury was able to land a few blows of his own, striking Akinwande in the body with several hard smashes, he was unable to match Akinwande’s strength and quickness.

Akinwande struck Fury with a right hand in the third round, dropping him to the ground.

And as the song says, that was it; Fury was knocked down by the shot and was unable to stand up before the clock ran out.

Fury didn’t fight again for four years after this defeat before facing Steve Garber, who he had previously faced and defeated earlier in his career.

Big John’s plans, however, didn’t exactly work out as he was knocked out once more, this time in the fourth round.

Akinwande, on the other hand, would go on to win the WBO heavyweight world championship in 1996.

In more recent times, Fury has focused on people like boxer-turned-YouTuber Jake Paul.

After hearing Paul talking complete s**t to Tommy Fury during Tommy’s exhibition match against Rolly Lambert Fogum in Dubai, Fury was seen squaring up to him.

After Tommy’s scheduled opponent Paul Bamba withdrew, a replacement opponent was chosen at the last minute, resulting in the complete and total borefest.

Paul was overheard criticizing Tommy Fury throughout the battle, and when it was over, his dad had had enough and became Hulkamaniac, ripping his shirt off.

Fury yelled, “Forget my son, I’m the king of the bareknuckle.”

Paul answered: “You’re embarrassing, and nobody likes you. You’re a chubby, depressed old man.”

The YouTuber wanted him in the ring, but John answered, “Come down here and fight me bro.”

Following the strange images, Tommy then yells out “b*tch” Paul and commands him to enter the ring.

As you would have anticipated, Jake chose to remain ringside, and he later explained his decision.

“He was positioned favorably. The high ground is known to anyone who has experience in combat. That was insane. Sincerely, I believed that he should launch an OnlyFans, “said Jake.



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