Bethesda Officially Announces and Confirms Upcoming Game in Fallout 5

Todd Howard, the CEO of Bethesda Game Studios, has announced that Fallout 5 will be the studio’s next big RPG following The Elder Scrolls VI. Howard previously stated that after Starfield, Bethesda would properly focus on The Elder Scrolls VI, which is presently in “pre-production.”

When to Expect It

The ambitious sci-fi RPG has been moved back from its planned November 2022 release date to the first half of 2023 due to a delay. Obviously, The Elder Scrolls VI has no release date, which makes predicting when Fallout 5 will appear even more difficult. Nonetheless, Howard’s remarks show that Bethesda is far from finished with the popular post-apocalyptic genre and games.

Still A Mystery

Howard previously confirmed to IGN that Bethesda has a Fallout 5 concept. He explained, “Fallout’s really part of our DNA here.” It remains to be seen what major ideas Bethesda has for the future Fallout game.

Fans of Bethesda’s RPGs can look forward to Starfield for the time being. Given that the future game has 1,000 free planets to explore, it’ll most certainly keep us occupied while we all wait for Fallout 5. And hopefully, Bethesda comes up with something awe inspiring just like the rest of its games!