AT&T Commercials Accurately Predict The Future Way Back in 1993

The internet can be an amazing place and can show countless wonders when you surf it. But what has a lot of people buzzing is a few commercials produced by AT&T way back in 1993. It would appear that the company has predicted some modern inventions and services that are quite accessible today.

Being Advanced for Their Time

It would appear that in the commercial, a number of services were being researched and worked on by the company. A picture above shows a shot from one of the commercials. It appears that they have also worked on designing a way for your vehicles to find an easier and accessible route. This has become the GPS system that we all know today.

Being Revolutionary and Innovative

It was clear that the company had a lot of goals and visions they wanted to accomplish or be a part of. Their commercials certainly made that clear. One could see that all the commercials showed a vision of theirs from back then and that it is now a reality. All these products and services are commonly used everyday and it’s amazing to see how far they’ve gotten.

Be sure to check out this amazing video here and perhaps you could find out even more about the famous company.



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