Requirements For WeChat on Computer in the US

When it comes to what we need for communication, there are a lot of ways to go through it and make sure our messages our conveyed. Take for example the time some of us used to work from home during the pandemic. Some of us had to communicate through our phones and computers. One application that would be commonly used is WeChat. Take a look at what are the requirements for it to be on your computer!

A Newer Version

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Since WeChat had started out as an app on the mobile phone, it would only be fitting if the software of it for PC would also be up to date. One requirement for WeChat on your PC is to have the operating system on at least Windows 7 or Windows 10.

Just Making Sure

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When it comes to putting in WeChat on your computers, it is also important to know that you must have logged in your WeChat on your mobile phone as well. This is one of the requirement that the app would need in order to start working.

Now these are just a few of what you would need when it comes to installing WeChat on to your computers. These requirements are quite important to take note of when you want to install WeChat and make communication much easier.







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