As Their Trial Comes to a Decision, Johnny Depp Gets Criticized

Depp has returned to doing what he loves since the defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard ended, making two guest performances on stage just days after his lawsuit ended.

Quite the Turn

Now, Johnny Depp could be nearing the conclusion of the long journey to the “truth” he’s been battling for the past few years. However, as the verdict approaches, people are condemning his decision.

As fans are ecstatic to see Johnny on his feet and jamming out for two nights now, some would argue that that behavior is not one to stand for. As the decision for their trial comes to the decision of jurors, some would still question Johnny’s plans that came shortly after.

While we await for the results, it’s pretty safe to assume that there are a number of people divided on what the outcome would be. We’re all just hoping that once all of this is done, justice would be served and that everything would eventually turn out for the best.