As Elon Claims He Would Buy Coca-Cola Company, One Expert Checks If It Is Possible

After blockbuster deal after blockbuster deal, it seems that Elon Musk just keeps wheeling and dealing when it comes to recent news and gaining new assets. And with that, experts have calculated whether Elon Musk could afford to buy Coca-Cola.

Still A Chance

According to reports, Musk has a net worth of $289 billion and would not be able to afford buying Coca-Cola on his own. Though this may come as a shock, there might just be a way for him to go for it.

The Same Suit

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However, if he bought the organization in the same manner he bought Twitter, he could have a shot. Though it might not have a lot of fans going crazy for the idea, it seems that Musk really has a plan on things when it comes to his finances.

As Elon continues his success with purchasing Twitter, it won’t be a surprise if he gains another asset for the long run. We can only expect more of the same suit to follow and hopefully more good news coming in!