Artificial Fish Made Out of Human Heart Cells Recently Created By Scientists

Scientists have developed a self-swimming mechanical fish using human heart cells, pushing them closer to building a more complicated artificial muscle pump.

A Groundbreaking Discovery

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According to reports, Harvard University researchers built a “biohybrid” fish by coating its tail fins with human heart muscles obtained from stem cells. They discovered that as the cells contracted, the tail pulled in that direction, causing a stretch on the opposite side of the fin, which triggered a contraction, pushing the tail in the opposite direction.

From The Same Beat

The back-and-forth muscle contractions powered the faux-fish to swim with “the same motion as a beating heart” for 108 days, or 38 million beats, according to the findings published in the journal Science, demonstrating that scientists can build a long-lasting muscular pump using human stem-cell-derived cardiac muscles.

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