Apple Plans to Get Rid of Passwords Quite Soon

According to reports, Apple will no longer require passwords for its products starting in the following month. Password-less logins are reportedly coming from the tech giant starting in September with the release of iOS 16 and the rumored iPhone 14 and macOS Ventura for Mac.

Quite the Alternative

A Passkey, a digital key you don’t have to know that is authenticated using your fingerprint (Touch ID) or face (Face ID) on an iPhone or Mac, will now be required to log into a website in place of a password.

The Ease of It

Apple users now have a login that is equally easy to use and cannot be guessed or leaked thanks to the new security procedure. The Passkeys are kept on the users’ devices, but they will sync between other devices using Apple’s iCloud Keychain, which is already used to keep track of passwords.

Furthermore, the digital keys are unreadable by anybody, not even Apple, meaning customers won’t be subject to phishing scams or data breaches because there isn’t any information to give away.



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