Anthony Carrigan Reveals His Personal Connection to Metamorpho as He is Casted in Superman: Legacy

Actor Barry had been considering playing Metamorpho ever since his alopecia diagnosis.

Anthony Carrigan, the talented actor known for his role in Barry, is set to take on the role of Metamorpho in James Gunn’s highly anticipated film, Superman: Legacy. Carrigan’s personal experience with alopecia, a condition that resulted in the loss of his hair, has led him to relate deeply to the character of Metamorpho. 

In an interview with THR, Carrigan revealed his initial fascination with bald superheroes and supervillains, which ultimately led him to identify with Metamorpho’s struggle with transformation and self-acceptance.

Anthony Carrigan’s journey to portraying Metamorpho began when he experienced hair loss due to alopecia. The actor, though not a hardcore comic book fan, found himself searching for bald characters in the comic book universe. 

Metamorpho caught his attention with his imposing presence and unique abilities. Carrigan’s intrigue led him to explore the character further, storing the image of the powerful hero with a hammer for a hand in his mind.

A Profound Relatability

Now, in 2023, Carrigan finds himself in the remarkable position of joining the cast of Superman: Legacy as Metamorpho. The actor expressed his astonishment at landing the role and acknowledged the profound personal connection he feels with the character. In an interview with Deadline, Carrigan shared his excitement about bringing his own experiences with alopecia to shape Metamorpho’s portrayal on the screen.

Metamorpho, both in the comics and Carrigan’s interpretation, grapples with the transformation that turned him into a superhero. Similarly, Carrigan’s alopecia forced him to confront his own altered appearance and the accompanying emotional journey.

The actor understands the feeling of being seen as different and the internal struggle to accept oneself in the face of societal expectations.

Drawing from his personal experiences, Carrigan intends to infuse Metamorpho with a deep sense of reluctance and vulnerability. The character’s initial resistance to his own transformation aligns with Carrigan’s own battle to embrace his changed appearance. 

The actor’s empathetic approach promises to bring a layer of authenticity to the character, captivating audiences and allowing them to connect with Metamorpho on a deeper level.

Superman: Legacy and Carrigan’s Portrayal

Metamorpho, also known as “the Element Man,” made his debut in 1965, becoming a prominent member of superhero teams like the Outsiders and the Justice League International. Over the years, talented writers, including Neil Gaiman, have contributed to the character’s rich storytelling history. 

The announcement of Carrigan’s involvement in Superman: Legacy has garnered excitement and praise, with acclaimed director James Gunn expressing his enthusiasm for the collaboration.

Superman: Legacy, set for release in 2025, is shaping up to be a star-studded production. The recent casting announcements have caused both anticipation and concern among fans, as the film introduces various superheroes, including Green Lantern Guy Gardner, portrayed by Nathan Fillion. 

However, Carrigan’s portrayal of Metamorpho promises to be a standout performance, highlighting the character’s internal struggles and providing a compelling narrative within the larger superhero ensemble.

Anthony Carrigan’s casting as Metamorpho in Superman: Legacy showcases the power of personal connection in the world of storytelling. His journey from hair loss to identifying with bald superheroes ultimately led him to embrace the opportunity to bring Metamorpho to life on the big screen. 

Carrigan’s profound understanding of the character’s struggle with transformation and self-acceptance, paralleling his own experiences with alopecia, ensures that his portrayal will resonate with audiences. As Superman: Legacy continues to build anticipation, fans eagerly await Carrigan’s powerful performance as the complex and relatable Metamorpho.



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