Anonymous Takes Action and Changes Name of Putin’s $97 Million Yacht and More!

The hacker collective reacted quickly after Putin declared war on Ukraine with his ‘special military operation,’ which now affects thousands and adds in alleged casualties, missile strikes across the country, and the end of peace talks.

Set Course For

The hackers obtained access to the Automatic Identification System, which is used to track ship whereabouts all over the world, and changed Putin’s yacht’s name from ‘Graceful’ to “FCKPTN,” as well as setting its destination to ‘anonymous,’” “anonleaks,” and then leading to ‘hell.’

Message Received

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Putin has been issued a stern warning by the group Anonymous. Stating that his regime has proved that it has no respect for human rights or the right of your neighbors to self-determination, the group had made it a point that things would only get worse.

Check out the whole video of Anonymous’ warning right here!