Andrew Tate’s Controversial Background Resulted in His Social Media Censorship

Following allegations of his participation in rape and human trafficking, Andrew Tate was taken into custody in Romania.

This did not age well

Tate, now 36, originally achieved prominence as a kickboxer. In 2008, the British-American was ranked as Britain’s seventh-best light-heavyweight kickboxer.

A year later, he won his first title and was by then the best in his European level.

Up until his final retirement in 2016, the athlete enjoyed success, and soon after that, his career as a media personality started.

Widespread controversy ensued when he was expelled from the UK Big Brother house that year as a consequence of a video showing him beating a lady with a belt that she subsequently said was a BDSM.

Additionally, there were rumors that racist and homophobic comments had also been found on his account at the time.

When he said on Twitter that depression “isn’t real” in 2017, the issue persisted.

Following that, he discussed the #MeToo movement and his belief that rape victims should “carry some responsibility” for their ordeal.

These opinions persisted until Tate was ultimately expelled from Twitter later in 2017.

Despite this, he continued to gain notoriety and formed relationships with a variety of dubious characters, such as anti-Islam campaigner Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, whom he referred to as a “solid guy.”

Tate’s provocative opinions were well known, but it wasn’t until TikTok’s emergence that he gained notoriety as a global hate figure.

This increased awareness of his webcam company, where he claimed to oversee the material of online adult performers, some of whom were his girlfriends.

Webcam modeling is legal, but Tate and his brother acknowledged, according to the Mirror, that they would push women to give their clients “false sob tales” in order to maximize their profits. They also acknowledged that this was a fraud.

Tate’s website, where he posted chauvinist films on “male-female relations” and how to generate money, was also brought to light by TikTok.

Tate’s work was being disseminated by fan accounts even after he was finally removed from TikTok earlier this year, where he also spread ideas that women “belong in the home.”

For comparable grounds, he was also blocked from Instagram and Facebook.

However, he made a comeback to social media a few weeks ago after Elon Musk acquired Twitter and chose to lift his ban.

This is what caused his arrest on December 29 after an online altercation with Greta Thunberg during which he seemed to unintentionally divulge his location using pizza boxes from a Romanian company.

The television celebrity was questioned in April for possible illegal behavior. He also said that he preferred to have sex with younger women since they had had less sexual partners.

This was also a result of allegations of human trafficking.

According to Aljazeera, Tate and his brother Tristan, who is also implicated, were freed without being taken into custody even though two women who were discovered in Tate’s home at the time claimed to have been detained against their will.

But it seems like things are getting worse now.

Tate, Tristan, and two suspects from Romania are all being held in jail for a 24-hour period, according to the Romanian newspaper Libertatea.

“We cannot at this time offer any specifics regarding the claimed claims that they have been imprisoned,” a spokeswoman told the MailOnline. “However, Andrew and Tristan Tate have the highest respect for the Romanian authorities and will always cooperate and aid in any way they can.”



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