An Anime Version of The Simpsons is Here to Come

You’d think that after more than 30 years of broadcasting, The Simpsons’ creators would have run out of concepts. According to Kotaku, the next Treehouse of Horror Halloween special for the program has officially been revealed, and one segment of the episode will take The Simpsons to an unfamiliar setting: anime.

What’s Going On

This segment of the program will be a spoof of the well-known anime and manga series Death Note, which even people who don’t like anime will probably be familiar with in some way. The Death Note will now belong to Lisa, according to The Simpsons. She appears to have been granted the same cold and cruel mentality as Light Yagami in the Death Note, though it is unclear how and who Lisa will use the notebook on.

Some Great Timing

DR Movie, a Korean studio that previously worked behind the scenes on the original Death Note series, animated this particular segment of the episode, which explains why it looks so fantastic. The broadcast date is October 30, which is just a few days away.

Make sure you check a peak of it right here!