Amidst Serious Events, Petition for Johnny Depp to Return to Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Reaches Up to 400,000 Signatures

Fans of Johnny Depp want him to return to the center of his most successful franchise. A petition to have Depp return for “Pirates of the Caribbean 6” has garnered attention amid the actor’s ongoing defamation lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard.

Strength in Numbers

The original objective for the petition was 500,000 signatures, however it faded out over time. However, in recent days, the petition has gathered thousands of signatures, totaling over 435,000.

Right Behind Him

Many of the petition’s commenters have shown their support for the actor, making points like “Johnny Depp cannot be replaced” and “Johnny Depp deserves justice.”

A lot of Johnny’s fans believe that he is one of those actors that are perfect for the role, and that only Johnny Depp is the only one for the role. And with the recent case of the actor, a lot of fans are still there for him and are hoping for the best outcomes out of his case.



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