All Female League of Legends Team Announced Recently by G2

One of the first all-female League of Legends teams has been revealed by G2 Esports. The group is known as Hel and is named after the goddess of death from Norse mythology.

Down a Similar Path

It builds on the similarly all-female Valorant squad G2 Gozen established the previous year and demonstrates G2’s dedication to increasing the awareness of women in esports and ultimately empowering men and women to compete side by side in the future.

More to Come

“G2 Esports founder and CEO Carlos ‘Ocelote’ Rodriguez also commented: “We took Valorant by storm with the G2 Gozen team which includes five of the most gifted and entertaining players who happen to be females,” added Carlos “Ocelote” Rodriguez, founder and CEO of G2 Esports. “You should expect nothing less from G2 Hel. We will dominate competitively, all while having fun the G2 way.”

While the first ever all-female League of Legends team has come with a lot of controversy, this could change the outlook of many people, and prove a good lot of them wrong. Hoping that this could spark something better for years to come, G2 has certainly amped up their teams and strategies for whatever challenges they’re yet to face.



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