Alien Experts Left Stunned as a ‘UFO’ Hangs Above City in Broad Daylight

Recently in Pakistan, there was a recording captured by one of its citizens that seems to look like a UFO. It was also seen through the footage that the UFO was hovering over the city for quite some time. This has left experts perplexed at its sighting.

Out of This World

As citizens took it to social media to address this concern, a lot of those online had a lot of comments regarding the video. Some may believe that aliens do exist while some still wonder what kind of life is still out there.

Not Alone

As experts are still dumbfounded on the matter, there was another video that has surfaced online along with other pictures that support the sighting. While people await any further news and announcements, there were also citizens who took part in taking videos and pictures of the UFO, but have yet to post them online.

Be sure to check out this video right here and check out some of the evidence that was captured!