Aircraft Fuel Tank Safety Maintenance Tips

In a lot of jobs, safety is always a top concern, and with that employees would always want to make sure everyone is safe while doing their jobs and also getting through the day. The same can also be said for the fuel tanks of aircrafts. However, their job is a bit tougher as they have a few things to remember just in case.

Enough Ventilation

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Ventilation is the greatest single approach for reducing the risk of fire, explosion, and hazardous exposure when operating in an open gasoline tank. The more fresh air in the fuel tank, the safer the repair personnel’s atmosphere will be.

Proper Monitoring of Fuel Tanks

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A fuel tank should not be entered by maintenance staff until it has been properly vented. The oxygen concentration, flammable vapor concentration, and poisonous vapor concentration in the tank’s atmosphere should all be tested and monitored on a regular basis to see if it’s safe to enter.

These are only a couple of tips that could ensure the safety of those cleaning fuel tanks. It may turn out to be a grueling job, but things could always easier if everything would stay safe and everyone involved as well.