After Tipping a Waitress with a Brand-New Automobile, Mr. Beast is being Called Out

YouTuber MrBeast is receiving criticism online for tipping a waitress with a brand-new car that she is unable to use.

For fame?

We always appreciate acts of charity and kindness. Yet, in the age of social media, same deeds might have an ulterior motive and take on a completely different meaning because they are done less out of kindness and more for publicity.

The act frequently comes with an asterisk. Consider what well-known YouTuber Mr. Beast did for a server: According to Business Insider, the waitress received a brand-new automobile that was covered in the insignia for his candy bar company as a tip.

Jimmy Donaldson, aka Mr. Beast, is well known for carrying out acts of this nature. With hundreds of millions of followers across numerous platforms, he can afford to do it. Regrettably, a lot of his good deeds have a self-serving undertone.

Jimmy Donaldson, or Mr. Beast, is famous for surprising strangers with extravagant gifts. He recently paid for 1,000 people to get cataract surgery, which restored their vision, thereby curing 1,000 blind people.

For help?

It’s true that Donaldson doesn’t do anything half-heartedly.

And now that you’ve given a waitress a brand-new automobile, that also applies to tips at restaurants.

The 24-year-old uploaded a video to Instagram and TikTok with the caption, “Thanks to you, we fixed that. Amy’s been going to work without a car for months.”

“Purchase more @feastables bars so I can give away more cars like this,” he said in a reply.

In fact, the automobile he gifted her was covered in branding for Feastables, the YouTuber’s line of four-ingredient chocolate bars.

What is the greatest tip you’ve ever received, Donaldson questioned Amy the waitress in the video.”

“About $50,” she said meekly.

Has anyone ever tipped a car? he asked casually as he handed her the keys to a brand-new black Toyota Sedan.

When they stepped outside to see Amy’s new ride, that’s when she started crying.

“I didn’t anticipate you crying! Donaldson remarked.

Although Amy said she was “shocked” by the unexpectedly substantial gift, she also acknowledged that she didn’t actually know how to drive yet.

She remarked, “I literally arrived late to work today because the Uber was delayed.

“I’m currently in such shock. Even driving is beyond my comprehension.

Donaldson’s fans’ reactions to the video were mixed, with some criticizing him for turning Amy into a “driving advertisement.”

On Twitter, another user wrote: “Love MrBeast but he gave her a car with an ad on it ahahahahahahahahahshsh.”

On TikTok, someone else wrote: “Mr. Beast, you can do better than that. Why was it wrapped that way? I’ve observed you handing out a lot of unbranded goods.

Some, however, complimented Donaldson for his kindness, with one remarking: “Who could ever be mean to this guy? ”

Another person remarked that YouTube celebrities were doing more for Americans than the government.

“My dude casually out here reaffirming my faith in humanity,” another person wrote.

Another person said: “Mr. Beast is the epitome of setting an example.