After Seeing Him in a Train Robbery Footage, This Young Man’s Mother Turned Him In to the Police

On February 15, 2022, this young man was caught on camera robbing a train conductor at gunpoint when the train arrived in downtown Chicago. Footage has caught an 18 year old Zion Brown holding out a gun to the conductor, holding up and then feeling the scene after robbing him.

His Alibi

When presented in court, Brown had stated that he was hungry and needed a quick way to gather up some money to get some food before his next class in university. He had some quick thinking and ultimately had this idea to rob someone.

A Surprise Waiting at Home

It was when the teen got home that his mother had plans to take him to the station herself and turn him in. The mother had recognized him from the footage that was released and had decided to bring him to justice. At the court hearing, the judge was not buying his excuse and had denied him bail.

Be sure you check out the whole video of how it all went down right here!